25 minutes older

Without doubt one of our favourites projects of all time at Lime*. The mission? To capture the art installation ’25 mins Older’ by artist Kingsley Ng. The problem? Its basically completely in the dark! We absolutely enjoyed the experience and we hope many Hong Kongers’ got to experience this fantastic moving installation that was part of Art Basel. Here’s hoping they will do it again next year!

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Activity Chair- Square Street

Client: Posh Project: Activity Chair We love Posh at Lime*. In fact if you drop by you will see the amazing Posh furniture in our office. So it was a great pleasure to be able to launch their new Activity Chair. Part of a series, we focus on Alexis from Square Street to understand his world of design.  

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Lime* was very excited to work with the team at Prenetics to launch their amazing DNA app and programme. Focussing on the Hong Kong market, our brief was to create an emotional spot that was less sell but more about the positive side of Health.      

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Why your video sucks (and to how to make it better next time)

Your videos stinks, your CEO knows it, your CMO knows it and most importantly you know it. But how? We filled in a detailed creative brief, the script was awesome and everyone was excited. So what really happened? You didn’t focus on the production. Too many times I see great ideas get sold out by not focussing on getting together a good production team. We live in an age where […]

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