We love telling great stories through video, and our event videos are no exception. If you’re on this page, chances are you’re looking for some great footage that’s going to make your next event a hit.

Our lime* creative team has more than 20 years of broadcast media experience – and loads of expertise telling great stories for the likes of Disney, CNN and Fox Networks – and now you can leverage their extensive video knowledge for yourself.

lime* can deliver you the perfect combination of multimedia, motion loops and compelling video content to keep your audience enthralled. Whether you need an opening video for your event, to set the scene and captivate your audience, or a documentary style video to bring your event to life – our professional production team at lime can bring your event video to life.

Seminars and conferences are a great way to share your brand and promote your business. Whether you are an organizer or an exhibitor, an event video is a great way to reach more people and help people learn more about you, as well as your products and services.

Our creative team has the expertise to bring your video to life – from early concepts through to your final product. You’ll have a range of event video options, to meet your budget and deadline.


Our lime* production team can produce high-quality video for you to share later. We do more than just document. We have creativity in our DNA – it’s our job to bring the story of your event to life – from the little moments that build the momentum to the high crescendos – capturing the emotion minute-by-minute, so people watching your video will feel like they’re right there at the event with you.

Do you need to capture the essence of your event? Our customers can choose from a range of possible video options including an event highlight reel, a promotional video for your next event, video speaker spotlights or an archive of your conference.


At lime* we want to transform your next event from excellent to brilliant with our event video and multimedia services. Our video production designers can build a brand connection with your delegates immediately with spectacular opening sequences, exhibitor highlight loops or create suspenseful contender reels for award presentations. Our video production team will be right there with you to help you make the most of your big day.


At lime* we want to partner with you to get the best results. Our event specialists can plan a video package that includes filming, post-production, and editing in the file format you need – whether that’s for the big screen, a website or social media. Our video equipment includes professional broadcast high-definition (HD) cameras, tripods, and lighting – all in one package set to your budget.

Our budgets can scale according to what you need. You can choose from a one-camera or multiple camera crews, and we can help you understand what that means for your finished video.  We have filmed conferences of many sizes from just a handful of people, to more substantial groups greater than 1000 people: seminars, conferences, presentations, panel discussions, live product demonstrations, and meetings. We can – and have – filmed it all.

For significant multi-day events we can even turn around overview videos that you can play during your closing remarks to thrill your audience, and share with others who couldn’t be there in person.

To have an informal chat about the video needs for your next event, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to learn more and help you get started.

Let’s chat about your animated video today!

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