The Peninsula – A Day In The Life

Not long after, we at Lime* had the opportunity of working with the prestigious hotel, Peninsula Hotels again! However for this project, instead of working directly with the branding team, we partnered with the Health and Hygiene team to produce a video that documents the day in the life of the Health and Hygiene manager. In comparison to the previous project, this shoot was smaller scale, we worked with a smaller production team and camera crew. 

Right from the write up of the script to post-production, our team at Lime* worked very hard to get Peninsula’s primary message across to their audience. We once again worked with our local DOP, Quinton Wong, who helped us with capturing footage that best represent the authenticity of the roles and job duties of the Health and Hygiene manager daily and his relationship with the team members. For this shoot, we took more of a documentary approach where it’s slower-paced – this can be acknowledged by the tempo of the voice over and background music. The video was observational, as the voice-over is going on we have footage that represents what is being said. For instance, we captured moments of different teams having daily meetings and moments where they are working. 

Lime* continues to work with hotels in Hong Kong and around Asia. We are glad that this area of our work is expanding and are given many opportunities to build our portfolio based on the many prestigious hotel clients we are fortunate enough to work with and start-up hotels we proudly get to help launch their new business. 

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