The Brief

For Christmas, we worked with a new start-up hotel, 181, in Sai Wan, to produce a video promoting their new Christmas dinner package deal. The video captures beautiful cinematic footage of a range of foods and ingredients offered, celebrating the ‘coming together’ of the Christmas meal. 

The Result

This shoot took around a day. We worked with our local DOP, Quinton Wong, to elegantly capture moments from the preparation of the food with a range of cinematic shots that showcase different ingredients being cooked, sliced, and garnished. As a Christmas themed video, we envision colour, texture, and layer. In the scene where the finished dishes are plated beautifully and neatly arranged on a grand table, we believe we achieved presenting that in an elegant way through the use of a special lens, the macroscopic lens. The video uses a mix of film techniques from the way we use camera lighting, shot composition, and camera movement. Each shot has its unique style.