181 Hotel

The  Brief

Lime* was commissioned by the West Kowloon Cultural District to create a video to promote Art Park. There is so much going on there that we didn’t want to make linear video that just counted off all the attractions. Our aim was to create a pastiche of images that reflect the energy of the area.


The Result

This shoot took around a day. We worked with our local DOP, Quinton Wong, to elegantly capture moments from the preparation of the food with a range of cinematic shots that showcase different ingredients being cooked, sliced, and garnished. As a Christmas themed video, we envision colour, texture, and layer. In the scene where the finished dishes are plated beautifully and neatly arranged on a grand table, we believe we achieved presenting that in an elegant way through the use of a special lens, the macroscopic lens. The video uses a mix of film techniques from the way we use camera lighting, shot composition, and camera movement. Each shot has its unique style.