25Mins Older


Edelman, the global communications marketing firm, approached us to create a video for social media in order to raise awareness about the mega yearly event Art Basel. One of the features of the 2016 event was “25 Minutes Older”, an art installation by Kingsley Ng, an acclaimed 37 year-old artist. His unique, immersive installation was set on a Hong Kong tram. By the end of the journey, one is “25 minutes older”. Hence, the title.


One of the key aspects of the installation was a century old pinhole camera which projected images within the tram. We decided to film Kingsley Ng on the tram as he talked about the premise of the exhibition. We also captured the ambience of the exhibit from the perspective of tram passengers. In doing so, we showcased what Ng was trying to convey. This film-like mood became popular on social media…and while we were much more than 25 minutes older by the end of it, we captured the essence of a unique installation.

25 Mins Older