Art Park

art park

Lime* was commissioned by the West Kowloon Cultural District to create a video to promote Art Park. There is so much going on there that we didn’t want to make linear video that just counted off all the attractions. Our aim was to create a pastiche of images that reflect the energy of the area.


We also wanted to present the video in a more artful way so we filmed the video using different styles such as whizz pans, handheld, time-lapse and drones. Once we had a huge amount of footage it was time to work out the editing style. The editing was where it all really all came together. This was quite a complex challenge to make the story flow yet have it seem a little random so to encapsulate the park’s offerings.

This was a really fun project but it was also when Hong Kong was hitting the first wave of covid. We wanted to try and make evergreen content so shooting around mask was not that easy. The project was delayed for a year as many places had to shut down.

We basically shot this between lockdowns so we could get the shoot the venues opened. As you would agree, music is so important for an edit like this. It took months to find the right track that would carry this project and we are very happy with the results.