Brand campaign for Regina Miracle

The  Brief

Create a brand campaign. Regina Miracle are recognized for making the best bras in the world. They have dozens of patents when it comes to brand technology. But their local Hong Kong brand is mostly unknown, which is why they came to us.

They wanted to create a campaign which could help make their local brand popular. In doing so, they wanted to bridge the West and the East with a bra that is modern AND provides support.

The Result

Choosing talent was a key aspect for this spot. We opted for women who represented a happy, healthy Hong Kong. These were professional women who could easily traverse cultural boundaries, and who naturally can adapt to a variety of situations. This included working in the office, working out or having a night out in the city with friends.

Complementing this attitude was our tagline “It’s a Miracle”. Now, women could have a bra that looks and feels great. Whether out on the town or in an office setting, it’s supportive, but also makes a woman happy about themselves. These concepts were conveyed perfectly during the 30 second spot.