Harman Recruitment

The  Brief

Harman is an American company that makes a variety of products, including high end audio systems. To attract more overseas applicants to their Shenzhen, China office, they contacted us about creating a recruitment video for them. They wanted us to highlight what the company is all about, why Harman is a good place to work and why Shenzhen is an appealing place to live and work.

The Result

One of the biggest potential obstacles in creating the two and a half minute video was the city of Shenzhen itself. Showing that it’s a great city to live in can be a challenge. But Harman employees that we interviewed on camera showed us ample reason to believe otherwise. While allowing us to film them as they went about their daily lives, their enthusiasm about the company and city was infectious. By the time we had completed this capsule video, it was much more than just about Harman and their employees – it was also about Shenzhen, a city of the future. Mission accomplished.