Invest HK, a Hong Kong government department which supports overseas businesses setting up in the city, came to us to showcase their “Start Me Up Festival” in 2016. Calling attention to the event for start ups was paramount.

We created a multi faceted campaign logo and brand positioning brochures, an event app, TVC, social media strategy.

We created all the branded and communication for the entire campaign


We wanted to position this government held event as part of the start-up community. It was important to create a brand that would speak to this audience.

We ended up creating every aspect of the “Start Me Up” campaign. This included all of their branding and communications, which entailed brochures, apps (including TV), social media strategy and logos. The latter was particularly important as the contemporary look we created aligned the start-up conference with the community, which was key.

StartmeupHK Fest 2016