ART Power HK

The Brief

We at Lime* have teamed up with public relations firm, Sinclair, to help with creating videos for ART Power HK. ART Power HK is a not-for-profit campaign and digital Platform that unites the Hong Kong arts community. The Platform brings together 139 arts organisations from across the community to support each other and drive positive energy and confidence for Hong Kong’s art scene. Their united strength has inspired and engaged local and international audiences with diverse arts activities taking place in Hong Kong.

The Result

Over the past couple of months, we’ve had a range of artists from all sorts of art backgrounds come in and share their work. As a video production company, we support the arts and do what we can to help the arts community amidst Covid-19. For this project, we at Lime* have taken more of a simpler approach by keeping the set bare minimum by using a plain backdrop and chosen a more “down to earth” filming style; testimonial, as it best, reflects the authenticity of the artist.

ART Power HK

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