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Corporate Videos

Over time, the need for corporate video creation services has increased dramatically. Corporate video production is the process of creating films for a company or organization. A corporate video explains the functions and divisions of a business. Visitors to the company's website can watch the corporate video that is posted there.

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How can you make a fantastic corporate video?

You must have a plan, whether you will produce your corporate video yourself or hire a professional corporate video production company. What are the video's objectives? What will this video be used for, and where will it be posted? Crafting a clear, succinct screenplay for your video content that both reflects your aims and addresses your clients' demands should be part of your strategy.

Put yourself in your clients' shoes before you start crafting the screenplay for your video. Better yet, enquire as to what information they require regarding your goods or services.

Lime Content Studio provides corporate video production services that are within most businesses' budgets. Corporate video creation can assist firms in unexpected ways as they expand and organise. 

Corporate videos may assist organisations in creating deeper consumer relationships by assisting them in turning facts into visions. We help companies develop the skills they need to form relationships and personalise experiences.


Social Media Videos

Videos are shared more than text and static photographs combined. It also encourages more views, tags, and comments on social networking networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Can Social Media Marketing be utilised to boost a company's search results?

 This is a question that many business owners ponder. The answer is “yes”. Lime content studios will work their magic for you to boost your company’s results, whether you need fresh, intriguing material for organic or sponsored social media promotion.

How might a social media video help your small business grow?

Here are some excellent promotion strategies that are both original and motivating. This is a short collection, but it should help you come up with new ways to promote your small business on today's social media platforms.

Video usage has increased as a result of the popularity of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and user-generated content. Users are not only using video sharing sites for enjoyment and entertainment but also as a search engine tool. Businesses should take advantage of this chance to optimise each video they send to these sites with proper title tags and links to their blog or website.

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Produce professional-looking and sounding videos and share them on social media networks to expand your reach. Through video marketing, you can develop your brand and reach more people.


  • A television commercial is vital since it not only leaves a lasting impression on consumers' minds but also informs customers and clients about the product and the company.


  • The company's core value can be identified through a TVC. TV commercials make it simple to create a consistent and appealing advertising plan that supports your branding objectives.


  • Television can mould a generation since it is a visual medium. Even though television has been on the air for more than seventy years, many advertisers and clients have yet to make use of the incredible visual component of the medium, especially as it moves into the third dimension. When a client makes a commercial, they are squandering a huge opportunity to hook a large demographic of potential customers.
  • Thirty seconds isn't a lot of time if you have to describe everything, but it's plenty when you show what you can do. You are expertly exploiting the medium and tapping into the high percentage of customers who are visual communicators and learners. your thirty They have seconds to say a few high-quality copy points or tag lines and show us appealing graphics.


  • Consumers and potential clients can trust a company with a professional image and well-planned TVC. People are more likely to try to conduct business with a firm that portrays itself in a polished and professional manner in its marketing.

Branded Content


Short bits of amusing or instructional information delivered to you by a brand is known as "branded content videos." 

The branded merchandise has been increasingly popular in recent years. And more and more clients are requesting help in creating better content for their brands, particularly video content. So, based on our recent research, we've compiled a list of our top five takeaways for creating effective branded films, as well as some of our favourite branded content examples. Use them to get ideas for your next piece of branded content.

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  • Be chosen The content should pique people's interests and encourage them to interact with it.
  • Maintain interest The audience should want to watch the entire video.
  • Highlight the brand The brand should be remembered by the audience.
  • Gratify The content should be appropriate and appealing to the viewer (drive an emotional response).
  • Lead to action After viewing the content, the viewer should take action.



Animated explainer videos may help any company stand out from the crowd and achieve quick success. Gone are the days when business websites were crammed with written content describing the items and services available to potential customers.

Why should you hire a professional video animation firm to help you add animation to your website?

As you are probably aware, any type of motion will immediately attract the attention of a spectator. Nature draws people's attention to movement. This is why the majority of modern web advertising incorporates animation. That is exactly what you will find on practically any well-known brand's website nowadays. The explanation is straightforward: animation is a fantastic way to boost the popularity of your website.

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Because service is a non-physical entity, it is more difficult for a visitor to perceive and emotionally connect with it. With movement and sound, you can bring your sales offer to life, improving the chances of visitor involvement.

It's not just a fun approach to promoting your business; it's also a one-of-a-kind method. As a consequence, you'll be able to set yourself apart from the competitors while also increasing visitor interaction. Get in touch with Lime Content Studios for fantastic animation work.