Engage with your audience when they need you to be where they are.

With over half of all web users accessing content and searches on mobile devices, the largest search companies have changed the game of find and connect to sites that are available on multiple devices.
We are able to create a new digital experience for your website that not only meets the rigorous demands of the new digital rules, but turns your site in to a experience that will be talked about.
Are you looking for a way to improve your business, increase sales, and attract more customers? A website is one of the most powerful tools to accomplish your goals. Our websites are crafted with experience and passion, and deliver you the results you need.
Your website should bring in qualified customers that contact and purchase from you. The websites LIME Digital builds, and our online marketing provides this kind of growth for your business.
Our team consists of experts in User Experience (UX), User interface and interaction (UI) design, front-end developers and back-end engineers; We all have experience and a solid understanding of “Brand”.
Our disciplines, and our process combines your business’ needs, research, experience, and teamwork to provide an amazing site that brings you business.
Your Business First – Your website is thoughtfully crafted with your audience and unique goals in mind.
We Handle Everything – Design, the content management system – even content. We do everything ensuring a smooth launch, a great experience, and results.
Search Engine Optimized (SEO) – This isn’t an extra line-item with us. As a part of our process each website we launch includes a process of steps our team goes through to ensure greatest return in results for you.
  • Over 90% of all physical purchasing decisions are now FIRST researched online – meaning virtually ALL consumers are looking for your services, or researching you online. If they don’t like what they see – they WON’T contact you!
  • Within 1 year of developing a new website and implementing our online marketing plans, the web becomes the #1 source of new business for our clients.<
  • 30% Increase in Traffic – When relaunching a website, our average client sees a 30% increase in traffic and 100%+ increase in contacts within the 1st 3 months of launch without any additional marketing.
  • Your clients and customers are online searching for what you have to offer right now – get in front of them, and impress them with a great website that converts them into your customer.CREATIVE USER INTERFACEWe know what users are looking for in a website. Leave it to us to provide a design that leaves your visitors with a satisfying user experience.
Our team of digital designers have the skills, experience and creativity to provide you with a beautiful and functional representation of your brand, that becomes much more than just another digital signpost – we design for customer engagement.
Our writers and designers create authentic visual content and additional website copy that will fall in line with your company’s brand and produce results.
A CMS will help you maintain your site, get information out to your customers faster, and increase the overall marketability of your website and business. When it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms, one size does not fit all. LIME* can help you sort through the myriad of choices to find the right CMS solution for your short and long term needs.
Bring other services that your business uses into just one platform so you can have the birds-eye view you have always wanted. We can create custom applications for a myriad of possible touch-points that can engage your customers in ways that may have not been possible before. Check out our Mobile Applications page for more details.
Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to take you through our process and cases more in-depth.

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