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Quality Video Production
for Hong Kong & Asia Clients

Lime* is the go-to production house and agency for companies seeking technically, creatively superior video production in HK. We provide world-class B2B and B2C video production services for some of the world’s leading brands.

From concept to production, we have become the most trusted video production house in Hong Kong. We write and produce killer ideas for our clients through great storytelling, cinematography, and animation using the latest technology such as 4k and film-grade equipment.

Our video production company’s Hong Kong team is made up of the most experienced people from the video broadcast industry and well-known production houses, including copywriters, directors, animators, and producers. You can count on our video production house to make your video content stand out and increase brand recall.

Our video production company works with start-ups all the way to the world’s biggest brands in finance, retail, property, and luxury. There's not an industry our production house in Hong Kong hasn’t worked with. Whether you belong to a mass or large market or a niche within it, our video production studio is equipped to make your brand shine!

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Why Choose Our Video Production Agency?

The professionals at our video production company come from the broadcast entertainment industry. Our production house in Hong Kong fundamentally believes that communication needs to inspire and engage your audience. Whether it’s a TVC (television commercial) or a corporate video, it should influence the way people see your brand or product.

Our video production studio works with you to dig out the DNA of your company, and clearly communicate your Unique Selling Points (USP) to your audience. For 10 years, we have been providing video production services for the world's biggest brands, and our video production company delivers on expectations every time.

An Award-Winning
Video Production Company in Hong Kong

At our production house in HK, we create content for many disciplines across several mediums. Our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of our experience with regards to video production in Hong Kong. It also aids our video production agency in targeting the most relevant channels for your customers.
The reputation of our video producers at Lime is second to none in Hong Kong, and we hope that you will benefit the most from our video production services.

Industries Our Production House Works WITH

Our video production studio can meet diverse needs, including:

















Our production house in Hong Kong caters to various industries and sectors.
If you're a government agency or non-profit, our video production agency is also at your service.

Video Production Services Overview 

1. Professional & Video Production for Companies:

Our video production house communicates your brand message, showcases your product/service, and engages your audience. Our creatives take care to convey your brand voice and image accurately in your videos. Our production house will have a number of ideas for presenting your brand, including fun and entertaining ways to strike a rapport with your audience, no matter what your industry or product.

2. Content Strategy and Execution:

As part of our video production services, we provide a framework for your content marketing and execute the plan, essentially acting as your in-house team.

3. Digital Promotion Campaigns:

Our video production company can assist in ideating and implementing your digital campaigns. While our forte is video production, our production house Hong Kong team can also build a comprehensive digital plan that includes a variety of other online channels.

4. Social Media Videos:

People consume a lot of video content on social media. If you want to keep your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pages buzzing with informational and entertaining videos, our video production agency can help.

5. Recruitment Video Production:

Video helps increase the volume of applications. Impressing talent is easier when you leave recruitment video production to us. Our video production house’s Hong Kong team creates compelling videos that convey your brand essence and inspire candidates to consider you as a potential employer.

6. Film and Video Production:

Interested in long-form video content and brand films that tell evocative stories about your origin, product, and work? Our production house in Hong Kong will leverage a wealth of broadcasting industry experience to weave stories that draw your audiences in and single you out as a brand worthy of greater consideration.

7. Motion Graphics:

Our video production house can create animated designs for your multimedia projects, adding more context and depth to them for a more engaging and impactful viewing experience. Across 2D, 3D animations and HD and 4K video clips, our video production studio can take your audience's viewing pleasure to the next level.

8. Infographics:

Simplify complex ideas and text-heavy content into digestible bits of content (aka infographics). Our production house in HK creates infographics that tell stories and help readers to assimilate patterns and trends.

9. Interviews:

Video interviews of your C-Suite or customers/clients is a great way to communicate the capabilities of your products, solutions, and people. Our video production company excels at creating professional and appealing video interviews.

10. Blogs:

Need assistance churning out blog posts every week? Our video production studio can help, including creating videos (where requested) to accompany the blog post. Our blog ideas keep your knowledge resources fresh and comprehensive.

11. Ad Agency:

Our video production house can serve as your ad agency, developing TVCs more economically than what you can expect at an exclusive TVC ad film making and advertising agency. Our production house combines our industry experience with our technical depth and creative abilities to execute on your visions every time.

Our Studio’s
Video Production Process 

Our production house strategizes, creates, and produces highly effective video and animated content that delivers the message you want to convey to your audience. Our production house’s HK team follows the best practices of video production to ensure a smooth process and a final product you can be proud of.


1. Pre-Production:

A well-planned pre-production process sets your video up for success. It details the plan and steps of the plan that must take place once video production in Hong Kong begins. Planning the details in advance leaves no room for ambiguity or confusion in the days leading to shooting the video.

Our mature video production process ensures that everything goes smoothly, and there are no last-minute revisions or disruptions stemming from inadequate planning. Our production house relies on vast experience to estimate a timeline for the type of video we're making, and prepare the specifics to respect your and our crew's time.

With our video production services, the pre-production stage involves the following activities:

  1.     Goal setting: What is the purpose of your video? Is it to improve customer education, bring website traffic, generate leads, or increase brand awareness? Our production house HK team understands your goals.
  2.     Target audience: Who is the ideal customer profile (ICP) or consumer you're creating the video for? What are their needs, desires, or challenges? Our video production studio learns about your audience to create an effective concept.
  3.     Scriptwriting: Your video script guides your video production Hong Kong project. With our video production company at the helm, it will go through multiple edits and needs to be pithy to make a good impression.
  4.     The storyboard: This is the visual representation of the shots that will be included in the video by our production house. It consists of illustrations, sketches, photos, and stock video footage, which will contain text to show what will happen in each scene.
  5.     The shot list: A shot list for video production in HK uses the contents of the script and storyboard to list out every shot required on the day of the shoot. The information it includes are scene numbers, shot numbers, locations, action and dialogue, props, actors, framing, and descriptions of the shots.
  6.     Production requirements: Our video production agency prepares a list of the equipment needed for each shot, including cameras, tripods, microphones, and lights. Our production house’s studio manager will work with crew members to plan how every scene must be captured.

Our talented producers communicate with you from creative briefs to storyboards and focus on satisfying your expectations with the video production HK project. Our production house’s Hong Kong team will offer highly innovative ideas that sell your message. We manage all aspects of video production, but also welcome your inputs and collaboration.

Post Production

Why Should You Outsource Video Production?

Outsourcing video production in HK is a convenient and an effective way to take your project from concept to completion. Our video production house in Hong Kong has a well-resourced team of skilled editors, as well as the necessary equipment, the latest software, and know-how needed for producing high-quality videos. 

Our production house offers end-to-end solutions with content strategy, concept creation, scripting, storyboarding, casting, filming, and editing. Our video production house takes care of sourcing talent and has everything ready. All we need from you is an understanding of your goals from video production and we're good to go.

By outsourcing video production to us, you can save time, money, and energy. The professionals at our production house in HK specialize in creating engaging and high-quality videos for various platforms. You can access a network of resources, fresh ideas, the latest technologies, and make the most of the latest trends in the market with the help of our video production company in Hong Kong. Exploring new platforms sooner will allow you to get before online social communities faster and enjoy a leg up over competitors.

Our video producers are experienced in all stages of video production services, from the basics of video production to post-production editing. We create meaningful content while ensuring that your video stays on-brand and is uniquely you.

By choosing to outsource video production in Hong Kong, instead of hiring in-house video producers, you can select the exact match for each project you have. With Lime*, you get different types of video production services under one roof. Our video production house can create a TVC that gets you before the masses, or a YouTube video that sends people to your website. On the other hand, the brand videos we create can enliven your website and help visitors get a better idea about your business. As we specialize in various aspects of video production, we can be your one-stop provider to help you build long-lasting relationships with clients.

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