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Lee Kum Kee Company Limited (Chinese: 李錦記有限公司) is a Hong Kong-based food company which specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Chinese and Asian sauces. Founded by Lee Kum Sheung in 1888 in Nanshui, Guangdong.

Lee Kum Kee produces over 200 Chinese-style sauces, including oyster sauce,[2] soy sauce, hoisin sauce, XO sauce, one-step recipe sauce, chili sauce, cooking ingredients, and dipping sauce.

The group also purchased London's landmark Walkie-Talkie skyscraper in July 2017 for £1.3bn, which was a record-breaking transaction for a single building in the UK



Lee Kum Kee wanted to create a video that could be targeted to both consumers and business’s such as restaurants. They also want to come across as an international brand that enjoys popularity around the world. Fro traditional chinese cuisine to update on trend sauces such as Sciracha mayonnaise and buffalo wing sauce.. 


Our first goal was to show how people all across the world use Lee Kum Ke sauces.

Creating culinary situations across kitchens fro all backgrounds we were able to show case the international appeal of Lee Kum Kee. From here we could segue into the history and philophy of this 100 year old company.