Husky Li Wan 3-1 Gas Field Doco preview

The  Brief

LIME excels at corporate videos as we’re fully prepared to go onsite for however long it takes to complete a compelling end result. Husky, Canadian experts in deep sea drilling and Li Wan, a Chinese petroleum company, asked us to put the spotlight on their ambitious

offshore drilling project,  the first one ever undertaken in the South China Sea. They wanted a 20 minute making of video, which would eventually be seen on CCTV.

The Result

First, we interviewed the principal people involved with the energy project both in the city and onsite, 300 kilometers offshore from Hong Kong. While there, we also filmed all of the location shots we would need. We also created extensive 3D graphic sequences, which serve to explain some of the more intricate aspects of the drilling. The costly graphics formed a pivotal part of the documentary length video, which became a visual showcase for the project. CCTV aired it in its