EcoCeres Corporate Video



EcoCeres, Inc. (“EcoCeres”) is an innovative biomass utilisation company with strong R&D capability and excellent ESG performance. The company includes businesses of Bio-Grease Utilisation and Agricultural Waste Utilisation.


The story of EcoCeres has a huge scope: from molecular chemistry to industrial power and aviation, all the way to global climate change. We knew from the beginning that this would need stock footage but didn’t want a series of disconnected images that filled space rather than adding value.

We chose Circles to create a unifying theme that supported the narrative and fit with EcoCeres’ underlying philosophy; visually clear and thematically connected to natural cycles that underpin the technology. Established at the beginning and reinforced throughout the film, the script itself comes full circle by the end.

We also wanted to express the character and motivation of the EcoCeres people. These are not naïve environmentalists, they have real industrial and practical application; but their passion for sustainable, clean energy comes through. By giving them a simple action (drawing a circle in the air) we made everyone a part of this story, not an isolated talking head. This brings the story together and fulfils the original goal of introducing EcoCeres to their audience.

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